About Us

The CaldwellsThe Caldwells moved to Graz, Austria in July of 2004 to served as church planters through the Baptist Bible Fellowship International. Their sending church is Central Baptist Church (CBC) in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Along with CBC they are also sponsored by numerous other churches, as well as a few generous individuals, located all across the United States.

Danny and Krista met in 1997 while attending Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. They were married on August 6, 1999. In May of 2000, they left Springfield to serve as interns at Central Baptist Church in Sulphur Springs, Texas. They completed their internship in May of 2002 and spent the next two years on deputation raising the necessary support to live and minister in Austria.

Danny was raised just outside of Sulphur Springs, Texas in a rural community called Flora. He came to know the Lord at age six. In the summer of 1995, at a Christian youth camp, he felt God's leading to go into vocational ministry. As a Bible college student he was burdened for the need to plant churches abroad.

Krista was raised in the Philippines. Her parents, Terry and Jennae Wiese, ministered there for over 25 years with the BBFI. Hallmark Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas is her home church. Krista placed her faith in Christ as a college student. Like Danny, she too was burdened to minister overseas as a college student.

Nathaniel was born May 20, 2004 in Fort Worth, Texas. For all but the first two months of his life, Austria has been his home. Nathan is a comedian and brings so much laughter and joy to our family. He attends the local public school where he has been able to make some very close friends. In his free time he enjoys reading in both English and German. He also likes playing with legos and action figures, as well as playing Wii. He is a great big brother to Micah and Gracie. He is our analytical child and has a very tender heart.

Micah was born October 12, 2006 in Graz, Austria. He is all boy. He attends the local Kindergarten (preschool). Like Nathan, he too has made lots of friends. His goal is to one day be able to play football like daddy. He loves to color. He also likes playing with legos and action figures as well as wrestling with Daddy and Nate. He looks up to his big brother and wants to do everything that he does. He also cherishes his baby sister. Micah is a very passionate boy who loves being active!

Grace was born February 15, 2010 in Graz, Austria. She is Mommy's little helper. She loves to help empty the dishwasher and hand Mommy clothes to hang on the line. She is a little talker who repeats everything she hears. She loves playing with her baby dolls and lives for being outdoors. She loves her brothers and imitates them any chance she can. She is wired very much like Micah at this point.

By God's grace we are doing our best to bring up our children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. We pray that they will all come to know Christ in God’s timing. They have all already been so helpful in the ministry here and they don’t even know it yet.